The Candela Lead Builder Program applies when you make a consumable purchase, parts and/or accessories, of two or more Candela brands, with qualifying SKUS* sub-totaling $6,000 USD ($7,710 CAD), prior to sales tax, shipping, handling, and discounts, using your Account and you meet these requirements: Your Account is: 1) open, 2) in good standing. If you have more than one Account, you cannot transfer or combine purchases between Accounts. If you have made prior purchases, you cannot combine purchases retroactively. You must claim your earned Candela Lead Builder Program within 30 days of transaction and your Candela Lead Builder Program must be used within 90 days of transaction.  

Customers choose from one of the three program offerings (valued at $1,250 ea.) from Aesthetics Integrity Group (AIG): 

  • Virtual Event Package 
  • Graphix Pack  
  • Business Builder 

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